Celebrating 40 Years of 100 Huntley Street – Message from Lorna Dueck


Celebrating 40 years !

Media in Canada changed forever when two young Canadians stepped forward to engage a new emerging technology.

David Mainse was 25 years old, his wife Norma Jean was 22 when they created a late night television product to generate public interest in the Christian Gospel.

Since that pioneering move in 1962, the television landscape in Canada has always had a winsome and encouraging witness of Jesus.

What’s exciting us about 100 Huntley Street now ?

The benefit of our longevity means we have created instant access to audiences who look for the story of Christian hope in a vast array of media platforms. We have a passionate team of producers and story tellers who every day are sharing interviews, testimonies, Bible teaching, lifestyle, and Biblical worldview content. While Canadian culture has dramatically secularized, 100 Huntley Street has discovered how to grow audiences and we think it’s the best of time in a confused, and hurting world to speak boldly about the love of God.

How will we reach all audiences?

We’re an unusual team of co workers and volunteers that have as part of our job structure, the intentionality of how to stay connected to the ancient truths of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is daily invited into the guiding of our work and decisions which helps us craft what we call “must have” information that we consistently offer on television and digital platforms. This year we are expanding our content sharing through an App that delivers to more screens and social media pages. We’ve mobilized content creators to network into funding communities which will help create new content for children and youth. We’ve created a new platform for First Peoples Voices, which has been enthusiastically received by the 100 Huntley Street broadcast audiences, it’s just the first of initiatives to help give voice to unique people groups in Canada.

Don’t the prayer lines seem a bit dated after 40 years?

While church attendance has dramatically dropped over our history, we’re struggling to keep up with people wanting to be prayed for. We are also pioneering a way to engage Value Analytics to better understand how we steward the responsibility of so many people reaching out to us for prayer. It’s like a walk in emergency ward to be in the prayer lines, over 1,200 people are calling us each day, that actually shapes a nation when you help that many people. The demand is so great we’re actually going to be expanding this person to person service into offering text prayers. Many people accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord of their lives because of the conversation they have on the 100 Huntley Street prayer lines with our prayer partners.

How will this media work be paid for?

There are a number of innovative tools we are using to put financial health around this massive public platform in Canada. But the foundation that underlies bringing Christian voice into media are thousands of people across Canada who each feel they too are part of this media witness for Christ. These donors, who are often viewers of 100 Huntley Street, are the bedrock of our financing. As our founder David Mainse has said, “Canadians will not let you down”, and we marvel at how the Holy Spirit continues to remind people every day to make a donation to 100 Huntley Street and Crossroads Christian Communications.