A Better Us… With God’s Help

 by Ron Mainse

Marriage is the most important building block in the foundation of society, a foundation that God laid at the very beginning in the Garden of Eden. However, just like our first parents, every marriage is susceptible to the enemy infiltrating that sacred relationship to deceive and derail us from God’s perfect plan. Today, marriages are under attack like never before!

A Better Us

Over the years, Ann and I have been broken-hearted whenever we see relationships torn apart, along with the resulting pain inflicted upon children. It’s so horribly devastating…and unnecessary! Many years ago, God gave us a glimpse into the future of our ministry together as a couple; we felt Him nudging our focus toward one day helping others strengthen their marriage relationships.

That future is now! God has clearly directed our steps to lead “Heart to Heart Marriage & Family Ministries” (h2hliving.ca). For the last two years, Ann and I have been conducting many marriage seminars in churches, as well as holding our own marriage events. It is a fresh calling for this new season of our lives where our vision is “To see every marriage become a loving union that creates a safe family haven, building a legacy of hope for future generations.”

Ann and I are thrilled that we are producing this new program in partnership with Crossroads, the ministry founded by my father and which will always be close to our hearts. Before Dad passed away, we shared with him our vision for a half-hour weekly TV program focused on strengthening marriages in Canada. Dad was very excited, and his strong encouragement to us was “Go for it!” Then he added, “God will provide His PRO-vision for your vision!”

A BETTER US represents a great “marriage” between the ministries of Heart to Heart (as Marriage Missionaries) and Crossroads (as Media Missionaries) in order to combat the enemy’s attack on homes and strengthen the foundation of the family in Canada!