Prayer Repair

Life at the Prayer Centre is not for the faint of heart. Every day we hear from people from all over Canada and the world who have gone from utterly distressed…

Seeking God In The Storm

Underneath Father Ronald Angervil’s peaceful and lighthearted demeanor lies an authentically horrifying story that revolves around trusting God in life’s most desperate circumstances…

Miracle in Thailand?

Crossroads Celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day with 100 Huntley Street on location at Crawford Lake

12 Thai boys and their 25-year-old soccer coach SAVED from deep within a cave

“We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what” – Thai Navy SEALS posted on their Facebook page after they say they achieved a “mission impossible,” this week.

“I dare suggest that this is supernatural because it surely is not natural; and so, I must close by saying, “Thank God for answering many millions of prayers.” ~Neel Roberts, Thai Christian Missionary – living in Thailand three KMs away from cave.

After 18 days, 12 Thai boys and their young coach have all been rescued from the 10-kilometre Tham Luang cave in the Doi Nang Non mountain range.

The world watched daily as rescue teams worked night and day to get the boys out safely.

Thai Navy SEALS, along with Australian divers, performed the miracle rescue, and the 12 players all got crash courses in diving that saved their lives.

Rescue crews were hurried out after the last boy was pulled to safety as the water pumps keeping the flooding at bay, began to fail.
“…there were religious ceremonies throughout the country on behalf of the football team and the rescue team. That element was considered just as essential as all the others. If any of those elements were missing – well, we don’t even wish to imagine that scenario.” ~Neel Roberts, Thai Christian Missionary.

Lorna Dueck speaks with Neel Roberts who is on the ground:
Neel took a photo of the mountain, in which the cave is located, on a morning stroll last month. At that time, he never thought this beautiful spot he and his wife call home would become so famous.

Lorna Dueck: Hello Neel — thanks for giving us a local perspective on this story that has inspired the world. We’ve learned something of bravery and spiritual strengths in watching this rescue. What can you tell us about the spiritual side of boys surviving 18 days in a dangerous cave?

Neel Roberts: Most of the youth in our Shan Migrant Children’s program knew some of them, although I didn’t them personally. They came from… READ MORE


God is listening. Prayer can heal!

Praise the Lord that our prayer lines are making a difference in the lives of so many across the nation. No other media organization in Canada has this kind of reach — and we have people like you to thank for that. 

Longing for Toronto The Good 

Why is compassion so compelling? Because it’s a rare response. In the wake of extreme and sudden, random terror – TORONTO THE GOOD showed its compassion: The saying hasn’t been used for a very long time – for obvious reasons – but the Toronto attack displayed an unprecedented response from a well-trained cop during his confrontation with the suspect…

Loneliness Redeemed

Loneliness Redeemed

God is our heavenly Father, and promises, “never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). When we come to Him in faith, He rescues us from our soul’s prison of spiritual “alone-ness” and welcomes us into His family. As new-born sons and daughters, we join with believers globally who experience true family with Jesus. Wow, what an amazing grace that erases the heart’s loneliness forever!

Pray For Rain in B.C.

Praying as British Columbia Battles Wildfires

Join Maggie John in praying for safety for BC residents affected by wildfires and praying for rain.

Massive wildfires have triggered a province-wide state of emergency in British Columbia. Lightning, dry weather and wind throughout the region have caused fires to spread quickly, forcing thousands of people from their homes. At least 138 wildfires were sparked in a single day on July 7. Urgent support is needed for individuals and families evacuated from their communities.

The Canadian Red Cross is supporting the B.C. government in providing relief for those affected and a British Columbia Fires Appeal has been opened for Canadians who wish to help those in need.

Read more… Canadian Red Cross BC Fires