Touchdown in Calgary

100 Huntley Street Broadcasts from Calgary: Nov 11 – 22 including Grey Cup special – Don’t miss this special two-week lineup as Greg Musselman and Cheryl Weber bring stories from Calgary, Alberta! Mon Nov 11: Matthew Quist, Canadian Armed Forces Soldier / Tues Nov 12: Wade Sorochan, Former Radio DJ who battled depression…


Castle Streaming Now Free For All

Castle™ is home to hundreds of television shows, documentaries, movies, including all Crossroads productions like See Hear Love, Context Beyond the Headlines, and 100 Huntley Street..


Norma-Jean Mainse : 80 Years of Grace & Witness

Since 1962, Norma-Jean Mainse has been in people’s homes bringing the love of God through Crossroads and 100 Huntley Street. Before turning 80 this August, I invited her home to our studio…

Canada West Outreach – From Manitoba to British Columbia

Let us take a moment and share some exciting news that has been birthed by connecting and listening to our western Canada partners over the past few years.

A few months ago, the Lord impressed on the heart of my wife Cindy (Western Canada Partner Representative), to request and establish a media fund to further serve our western Canada Crossroads audience. This came as a direct response to our ministry in churches and special events where your voices were heard about this media ministry. As a result, we are establishing the “Western Canada Outreach Fund” where our western team will use …


Prayer Repair

Life at the Prayer Centre is not for the faint of heart. Every day we hear from people from all over Canada and the world who have gone from utterly distressed…


Growing a New “Child” in Our Media Mission of Castle

There is nothing very glamorous about the long stretches of serving the children God gives you. Motherhood breaks you in every way until you snap into the reality …

Seeking God In The Storm

Underneath Father Ronald Angervil’s peaceful and lighthearted demeanor lies an authentically horrifying story that revolves around trusting God in life’s most desperate circumstances…