Castle Streaming Now Free For All

Castle™ is home to hundreds of television shows, documentaries, movies, including all Crossroads productions like See Hear Love, Context Beyond the Headlines, and 100 Huntley Street. One of the unique features of Castle is the ability to chat in real-time with a digital pastor. Until now, all-access to this live-streaming app has been available to members via monthly/annual subscription fee. Today, in our missional effort to reach more people with great Christian content, we’re announcing that starting September 9th, 2019 Castle will be 100% FREE for all. All for Free!


Inside Castle you’ll enjoy a NEW children’s content catalogue, fun television shows like Relative Race, Just Like Mom and Dad, and more titles the whole family will love FOR FREE!


Zion Church Expands

Resurrection Sunday, April 21st, 2019 began as a day of celebration for millions around the world. However, joy (soon) turned to sorrow as reports flooded in about bombings in Sri Lanka that killed 259 people and injured close to 500.

Of those killed and injured were members of the Zion Church where Pastor Roshan has been making sure the families who lost loved ones are being cared for and ministered to. Fear and trauma have affected many from the church and they are not wanting to go back to the place where they re-live the events of that horrific day.

Lorna Dueck, CEO of Crossroads, recently visited Pastor Roshan and saw first-hand the damage that was inflicted not only on the land but more importantly on people’s hearts and minds. Pastor Roshan’s vision for his people and community is to “connect the disconnected to the reality of life in Christ.” The mission is a mandate to bring the tangible love of God to everyone at their point of need…


Norma-Jean Mainse : 80 Years of Grace & Witness

Since 1962, Norma-Jean Mainse has been in people’s homes bringing the love of God through Crossroads and 100 Huntley Street. Before turning 80 this August, I invited her home to our studio…

Summer Student - Crossroads

Summer Student Program

Central to our mandate is the development and training of Canada’s media missionaries of tomorrow through our MEDIA MISSIONARIES SUMMER STUDENT PROGRAM…

David Mainse

Rev. David Mainse Best Blog of The Year Award – Thank You

What an absolute honour to have received the inaugural David Mainse Best Blog of The Year Award last week at the Word Guild’s annual Word Awards. David Mainse carved a fearless path in media, understanding that whatever tools we could use to reach people with the gospel was worth using…

Canada West Outreach – From Manitoba to British Columbia

Let us take a moment and share some exciting news that has been birthed by connecting and listening to our western Canada partners over the past few years.

A few months ago, the Lord impressed on the heart of my wife Cindy (Western Canada Partner Representative), to request and establish a media fund to further serve our western Canada Crossroads audience. This came as a direct response to our ministry in churches and special events where your voices were heard about this media ministry. As a result, we are establishing the “Western Canada Outreach Fund” where our western team will use …

opioid crisis thumb

Canada Cares – Crossroads media challenges Canadian faith community to act

Crossroads media challenges Canadian faith community to act on public health emergency. Communications to host opioid crisis education and prayer event on June 18