The Story in Our Scars: Jesus Knows the Depth of Humboldt’s Pain

Athletes know a lot about pain. The pursuit of pushing your body to its physical limit requires the stretching, tearing and repairing of muscles to make you stronger. The pain has a purpose. The pain is a warning. The pain is needed to become a different version of yourself.

Crossroads Reports from Humboldt

The nation has come together to support Humboldt, Saskatchewan, as they grieve the loss of 16 members of their hockey organization, the Humboldt Broncos. Plus, Lorna Dueck, Crossroads CEO, has written a feature for the Globe and Mail about The Strong Arms of Saskatchewan

Crossroads Centre FAQ

Crossroads Positioned for Maximum Effectiveness through the Sale of its Facility: Crossroads has made a strategic mission advancement decision to sell its building in Burlington, Ontario to a visionary Christian business leader. Crossroads will benefit from a new modernized space for media ministry that will be conveniently located in the current building. 

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A New Marriage Show Premiering April 5th on YES TV

…The secret’s out! TV hosts Ron and Ann Mainse have partnered with Crossroads on a new show that will help strengthen marriages. The new TV show is called A BETTER US: The Journey After “I Do” with Ron and Ann, and it premieres in Canada on Thursday, April 5th at 8:30pm/ET on YES TV.

A Better Us… With God’s Help

Marriage is the most important building block in the foundation of society, a foundation that God laid at the very beginning in the Garden of Eden. However, just like our first parents, every marriage is susceptible to the enemy infiltrating that sacred relationship to deceive and derail us from God’s perfect plan.

Carolyn at Crossroads

Canada Summer Jobs Limits Opportunities for Students Like Me

As a Christian and a broadcast journalism student in my early twenties, I wondered how my religious convictions and values could work harmoniously in the context of a Canadian newsroom…

Please Pray for the Canada Summer Jobs Motion in Parliament Monday

 I am asking you to join me, and the many individuals, Christian organizations and churches, who will participate in a day of fasting and prayer this Sunday, March 18th to humbly ask God to intervene as MPs vote on this encouraging motion from the Official Opposition…


Don’t Miss Ice Dragon in Theatres March 17!


Rev. Billy Graham’s Funeral to Air on Canada’s Yes TV this Friday 11:30 am EST LIVE with Special Coverage

The funeral service for renowned Christian evangelist Rev. Billy Graham will air on Yes TV featuring live coverage from the private service being held in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Billy Graham developed a deep connection with Canadians

Read Lorna Dueck’s article on Rev. Billy Graham HERE: