Crossroads Reports from Humboldt

 by Crossroads

The nation has come together to support Humboldt, Saskatchewan, as they grieve the loss of 16 members of their hockey organization, the Humboldt Broncos. 100 Huntley Street’s Greg Howes reports from Humboldt, Saskatchewan, and Maggie John talks with Pastor Jordan Gadsby of Nipawin Apostolic Church in Saskatchewan who shares, “Don’t run away from God, run to God.”

Watch Context’s exclusive interview with Christina Haugan, the brave wife of the Humboldt Bronco’s head coach, Darcy Haugan. Christina is a big part of the Humboldt Bronco’s, working tirelessly for the team behind the scenes.

The Strong Arms of Saskatchewan

Lorna Dueck, Crossroads CEO, has written a feature for the Globe and Mail about “The Strong Arms of Saskatchewan” that is now available to read online here.

Humboldt’s team Chaplin Sean Brandow talks with 100 Huntley Street about the youth on the team losing the feeling of being “invincible.”

“Youth is a time of feeling invincible, and this is a time when this becomes absolutely rocked…you realize your frailty, and I think that’s a good thing.  That’s what a lot of young people are wrestling with, that they haven’t likely wrestled with…their invincibility is up in the air. And I think the message I hope our young people can get is, that we only find stability in something that is unmoving. And I believe that to be Christ.” 

We produced a special video in response to the tragedy offering prayer and support.  You can watch it here: