Grandpas Can - Follow Arvid Loewen's Ride


Riding for the MCF CHILDREN

Arvid Loewen is a grandfather from Winnipeg who has a passionate desire to help the children from the Mully Children’s Family Homes. In fact his desire is so great he’s attempting to break his Guinness World record of RIDING a bicycle from Vancouver’s City Hall to Halifax’s City Hall in under 13 days, 6 hours and 13 min. This is a 6,000 kilometer ride! He will be riding up and down mountains, across flat lands, through all different types of weather conditions and with very little sleep.


Because he believes children’s lives can be affected and changed through the love of Christ. The Mully Children’s Family homes has been rescuing and educating abandoned, abused and homeless children for over 25 years.

Children are the most vulnerable in our society because they don’t have the control over their circumstances. God created the family unit to be a safe and loving environment, but unfortunately, for many, this is not the case.

Crossroads has partnered with MCF for over 15 years. We have witnessed great success as they have cared for more than 10,000 children by expressing God’s love and changing their circumstances through the provision of food, shelter, education and a safe caring environment. They believe every child has potential and they are helping to rescue them one at a time.

Charles was called by God to sell his businesses and begin his ministry to the street children in Kenya. Arvid was led by God to bring awareness of the Mully Children’s Homes through cycling initiatives that enables him to share and talk about their work. Both of these men have a unique calling upon their lives and although we are not going to jump on a bike and cycle across Canada or even open our homes to street children we can play our own important role.

Please join our Crossroads goal to raise $20 for each of the 2,500 children currently under their care. With your help, we can touch and change the lives of the MCF children.

Together we can make a difference!

Arvid is going to need lots of prayer from July 2nd – 15th. Please remember to pray for him.


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