Sep 27, 2018 – Crossroads

David’s heart for media evangelism.

Rev. David Mainse had an amazing capacity for work, energy, and networking. He was just 26 years old when, through his own connections and chutzpah he blew past a boundary of, “No gospel broadcasting,” and aired his first late night television program, Crossroads featuring the music of his wife, Norma-Jean.

It was June 1962, and the impact, and audacity of saying, “God loves you” to a television audience surprised even David.

Fast forward to the 1980s – remember when Canadian phone books sat in every home? There you would find a public number to call in for prayer to Rev.  Mainse’s TV program – 100 Huntley Street – listed on the cover flap, right alongside the civic emergency numbers!

Rev. Mainse soon became a household name. No one in Canadian history has anchored and produced as many TV programs as David did, no media in the nation has left as unique a legacy of social good around the world. Read more from our Crossroads CEO Lorna Dueck

David’s heart for helping others.

It was out of his giving and generous spirit that Rev. David Mainse started Crossroads Relief and Development in 1982 (formerly Emergency Response and Development Fund, or ERDF.)  As many of David’s ambitious God-sized dreams began, he appealed to the faithful viewers of 100 Huntley Street for help.  The earthquake that devastated Lioni, Italy in the early 80’s prompted David to ask viewers to respond financially, giving what they could to support the relief and development efforts.  This began a pattern of generosity in our viewers, and the burden to help people struggling around the world only increased in David’s heart.  To date, Crossroads has invested more than $37 million in relief and development in over 40 countries worldwide, thanks to the generous support of Crossroads partners.

David’s heart for making life-changing connections.

In 1977 when Rev. David Mainse launched Canada’s first daily Christian TV program, 100 Huntley Street, his burden and vision was to reach behind the closed doors of the nation with the Gospel message. David innovatively planned for telephones right in the studio so that people could call in immediately with prayer requests or to give their lives to the Lord. After Crossroads ministry moved to Burlington, a toll-free number (1-866-273-4444) was established allowing viewers seeking spiritual help to call from anywhere in North America.  It is staggering to realize that the Prayer Centre received close to half a million requests for prayer last year – all faithfully prayed for.  Last year, over 1,800 people called the prayer lines to make a commitment to follow the Lord! What began as a national two-way link between 100 Huntley Street and its Canadian viewership now has a global ministry presence as increasing numbers of callers search the Internet for 24/7 Prayer in their time of need.