Watch the 100 Huntley Street Special Tribute to Reverend Billy Graham

 by Crossroads

Billy Graham - Special Tribute

Watch 100 Huntley Street‘s Special Tribute to Rev. Billy Graham HERE!

Christian evangelist Rev. Billy Graham passed away today at age 99, and is remembered as one of the most influential and best-known Christian figures of his time. He dedicated his life to spreading the “Good News” about Jesus to nearly 215 million people over 6 decades.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association notes that Rev. Graham lead more than 3 million people into a committed relationship with Christ.

Rev. Graham’s crusades and role as adviser to decades of US Presidents earned him the title as “America’s Pastor” but his influence extended beyond borders, preaching in 185 countries around the world.

“As famous as Rev. Graham was, there was always another name he directed people’s attention to: Jesus. That humility made Rev. Graham the most respected and loved leader of the Christian story in the world. His legacy carries on in so many lives and works of God around the world, but most admirably, through his family whom he deeply loved and the worldwide Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.” – Lorna Dueck, Crossroads CEO / Past Canadian Board Member of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

The first Billy Graham Crusade in Canada was held in 1955. More than 7,000 men, women and children in the capacity crowd in Toronto responded to Graham’s invitation to embrace Christ. During the next 43 years, Graham preached at 13 Crusades in Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax. At each event, he came to the Canadian city only after being invited by local residents. (source: