Year in Review : Crossroads 2017

in  by Steve Hubley, Chief Development Officer

Well, it’s been quite a year at Crossroads! Thank you for your prayers and financial support that provided us the “fuel” to make such amazing progress towards the achievement of our mission:


As we reflect back on the past 12 months, we can easily trace the hand of God on this media mission. And we humbly give Him all the glory. I hope you are blessed by the following highlights:

  • Crossroads was awarded the exclusive Canadian rights to grow the subscriber audience to the popular faith and family-friendly content streaming service called
  • In January, “Life-Changing Stories” billboards were seen across the country, and around the parking lot, …while the 100 Huntley Street team searched for a new male host.
  • See Hear Love with Melinda Estabrooks joined the Crossroads family as a webcast to reach millennial women, which has quickly grown a large online audience and recently developed into a weekly Yes TV telecast.
  • Context with Lorna Dueck began broadcasting from Crossroads’ Studio A. With the new timeslot on Yes TV, the audience has almost doubled, program quality has increased and production costs have been lowered.
  • Our Project HopeSpring, Jesus the Game Changer, This Far By Faith and Never Alone campaigns touched the hearts and lives of thousands, shared the message of Jesus in a compelling new way, celebrated Canada’s rich Christian history; and brought much-needed support to the needs of Canadians suffering from depression, despair and grief
  • In June, 100 Huntley Street announced the addition of Greg Musselman as co-host and Robbie Symons as our Daily Bible Teacher, both of whom have quickly grown in popularity
  • Also in June, we launched This Far By Faith – Canada 150 to celebrate Canada’s rich Christian heritage, ending with a live broadcast on Canada Day from Kingston and Calgary
  • Our theme song for This Far by Faith went on to win best music video at the first ever Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival in Toronto
  • In August, we partnered with No Greater Love music festival in Alberta, where we televised portions of the music performance and interviewed for 100 Huntley Street the queen of country music, Reba McIntyre!
  • We explored the arts and culture of Christian faith by creating a new program: Outside the Box with Sheldon Neil which was part of Crossroads’ new fall lineup on Yes TV with the addition of Huntley Hope and C-Shift
  • On September 25th, we were saddened to learn of the passing of our beloved founder Rev. David Mainse. We launched special programming about his life and accomplishments and created a memorial website where thousands gathered to remember how David impacted their lives. A celebration of David’s life was broadcast live across the country on Yes TV from Church on the Queensway, while major news outlets covered the incredible legacy that David left behind.
  • This was an exciting year of Prayer Centre ministry that included giving hope to more than 30,000 callers every month and bringing an amazing 1,278 people to Jesus
  • What impact! After years of prayer and on-air advocacy for his release from a North Korean prison, we welcomed home Rev. Lim and produced an exclusive feature with him on 100 Huntley Street
  • Our Relief and Development care extended to orphans in Ukraine, starving people in Africa, devastated families in Puerto Rico and more
  • We began a media and mission ministry called First Peoples Voices to bring hope, healing and meet practical needs of our Indigenous community
  • We significantly moved the organization to financial health by finishing our fiscal year on August 31 with a modest operating surplus, ending several years of deficits
  • We established a co-production partnership with Ron and Ann Mainses’ Heart to Heart Marriage and Family Ministries for new weekly TV program for couples called “A Better Us.” Now in development, it’s set for launch in April
  • Our teleministry team is operating a new customer relationship management and phone system
  • Our innovative college-aged youth series, Young Once, was licensed to broadcasters in India, Italy and made available to North Americans on
  • 100 Huntley Street’s digital influence has exploded to more than 1 million views each month
  • Our first Huntley-on-the-Road live event – Spirit of Christmas – sold out and was subsequently broadcast on YesTV and CHCH TV during the Christmas season – reminding viewers across Canada that Christmas is about Emmanuel “God with us.”