Young Once Season 2 Premieres Feb. 4th on Castle

Feb 1st, 2019 by Crossroads

Young Once is a Castle Original docuseries that follows a group of young Christians from Southern California as they navigate school, careers and romantic relationships while considering how God is at work in their lives.

Season 1 documents the eclectic group of students attending a strict private Christian school, where alcohol, drugs and sex are off-limits. Several cast members have returned for Season 2, and Young Once Creator Jon Oleksiuk says Season 2 has a more serious tone.

“Now the cast are graduates and struggling with issues like crushing student debt, unemployment, marriage, and heartbreak. Cassie and Caelan’s story is particularly interesting to follow, as they discover if they can truly be friends after a long-term relationship, and some of the challenges that come with trying to move on.” 

Cassie Randolph is featured in Season 2 and is under the media spotlight right now as a contestant on The BachelorYou can read more about her Christian faith here.

Plus, Season 2 includes more antics from quirky fan favorite Tony, who wants to propose to his longtime girlfriend, but crushing student debt may force him to delay his plans.

Season 1 asked the question, “How do you follow God while in college?” while season 2 asks, “How do you trust God with your hopes and plans?”

Catch up on Young Once Season 1 this weekend before Season 2 launches on Monday!

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